Dear Friends,

Thank you. I am grateful for each of you. 

No More Empty Pots began with neighbors who wanted more - supporting local food, urban agriculture, and business development. As I reflect on the No More Empty Pots mission and our collective efforts, we dreamed and worked to develop a place where love abounds, growth is consistent, and change is transformational

From the early days of sharing our story to acquiring buildings and establishing programs to serving diligently through the COVID-19 pandemic to now growing into a partnership with 75 North opening the greenhouse facility, we have provided basic needs and witnessed the achievement of wildest dreams. I am so proud of each of our participants who trusted us to share in their journey. I am grateful for your trust in us to follow through. Simply inspired and in awe!

Nothing happens without you. Together we have served thousands of  households in Nebraska and Iowa, over 40 different zip codes. Together we have supported hundreds of small farmers and business owners in Nebraska and Iowa. Together we have held each other close during losses, celebrated wins and did our best to learn from the lessons.

When No More Empty Pots started this venture, we proposed that our efforts would yield the following impact: $3 million revenue; 6 tons diverted waste; 2 tons vermicompost; 10% renewable energy; 5 new businesses, over 20 new jobs, 75 trainees; increased food security; and improved nutrition education, self-sufficiency, and economic resilience.

In 13 years, the impact is evident. Vermicomposting was provided by other partners. Solar panels for renewable energy are being installed at the food hub within the next few months. NMEP has contributed over $13 million in wages and purchases. More than six tons of waste has been diverted through our partnership with Hillside Solutions. Over 50 new businesses created, over 100 jobs activated, and more than 70 students have graduated from training programs since inception. Thousands have more whole nutritious food, learned more nutrition and food preparation while hundreds have reported achieving self-sufficiency and economic resilience as a result of NMEP programs and activities.

Revealed in a recently commissioned report using local data, the economic impact of No More Empty Pots exceeds $100 million in the Omaha MSA and over $300 million statewide. You will read more details about the subsequent community impact. Through supporting local foods and local initiatives, your gifts multiplied. This is evidence of your impact.

No More Empty Pots is entering the next iteration of growth and commitment. We invite you to continue this journey with us and invite others to join. Together we built a foundation for responsive community engagement.

Our progress demonstrates the power of love in action. Together we pave the way for legacies in our community. The success of the Legacy of Love campaign over the next few months ensures that our team and trusted participants have what they need for transformational change, now and into the future. Change that will last beyond us. I am eager to celebrate the culmination of this campaign with you at our Legacy of Love event on June 14, 2024.

Thank you. Thank you for trusting me. I am a better human because of you. Thank you for betting on local food, local farmers, and local business owners. Thank you for believing in our collective success. Thank you for contributing the best that you have to offer. We each have our roles and unique contributions. My wish is that you continue to see how you have made a difference. Together we amplify the very best of us. Together we build legacies of love!

Nancy Williams
CEO/Co-Founder, N o More Empty Pots
8511 N. 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68112
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